San Diego Seaweed

September 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to spend a long weekend at the Navy Base in San Diego. There had been recent storms that caused a lot of beach erosion and a ton of seaweed to wash up on shore. Most of the beach looked like the picture above. The water was also filled with churning seaweed as the waves would roll onto the shore. It was quite the sight! 

We had spent the day at another beach a little farther south down the coast, so when someone had asked if the seaweed was bad there my response was, eh not too bad. I had seen some seaweed floating in the water, but what I found on the shore by our hotel was pretty amazing.

The first night I searched through the seaweed with a friend that was there with us and we found some pretty cool treasures! Birds were everywhere picking through the seaweed for food. I didn't have my camera with me, but snapped a few pictures on her camera when we found a starfish and an octopus in pools of water within the seaweed. An octopus!!!! It was a tiny one, but... it was still an octopus!!!  

I came back the next evening with my camera, as well as the following morning. There were so many gorgeous colors to see! I had a blast taking pictures of all of the beautiful colors. These are some of my favorites! 























My handsome hubby and I enjoying the beach! (and way cooler than AZ weather!)

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