Baby on the Way for the "L" Family l Maternity Photographer

November 08, 2015

These two are two of our dearest friends. Over the years we have gone on some awesome adventures, stayed up a little too late playing board games, and eaten a ton of great food together. I was thrilled to find out when we were moving overseas that they would be there too! It makes it a little easier to be so far from home when you have friends that are like family! Shortly after I found out we'd both be living in the same place, I found out they were expecting and they wanted me to photos for them!!! I love maternity sessions, I love sweet little babies and I love these two and can't wait to meet their newest addition, so needless to say I have been pretty excited the past couple of months waiting for these sessions! :)

Momma to be and I did some scouting before the session and found a fabulous spot. There is a lake close to where we are living and visiting there often makes me feel like I'm taking a trip back to the lake by my parents house in Pennsylvania. It was the first stop on our scouting session and we didn't have to look too far. We had the one spot as a potential, but then we found a little path that led up the hill that would work perfect. It was such a great afternoon! Thank you for allowing me to capture this moment for you! I'm excited to meet baby so so soon! 
















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