Lee Sung Dang Bakery l Korea Travel Photography

August 11, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Our adventures this weekend brought us to the oldest bakery in Korea, Lee Sung Dang. It opened in 1945 and has stayed in the same location! People line up on the street for two specific types of bread that they make here. Danpatppang is a bread filled with red bean paste and yachaeppang is a vegetable bread. We weren't going to try the specialty breads today, but wanted to purchase other sweets and treats so we were able to walk in a separate entrance and skip the line. Hubby thought he purchased a plain sweet roll and was surprised to find that it was rather heavy. Inside was filled with a berry filling. I found something that I thought was made out of rice. It had a bean paste filling and tasted amazing! We will be back Lee Sung Dang bakery for some more of your delicious treats. (Preferably on a weekday though, when the line isn't out the door and around the corner!)



Right now the exchange rate is pretty close to 1,100 won = $1.00. These little white pastries above looked similar to the ones I ate and based on the exchange rate would end up being a little over a dollar each. 






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