Messner Family l Surprise, AZ Family Photographer

November 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

We had a whirlwind mini-session and were able to capture some beautiful photos in the orchard! This session was one of my favorites not only because I adore this family and taking their pictures each year, but also from this session the Chicken Leg Squawk was created! What is this Chicken Leg Squawk you ask? Well… little one had just woken up from a nap and was still sleepy and less smiley than her usual self. I was trying to get her to laugh or smile by making all kinds of silly animal noises. Then big sister stepped in and joined in by making some awesome chicken sounds… but not only that she had a little leg flail arm motion that went along with these awesome sounds. I joined in on the silliness and have since incorporated it into many sessions with kiddos. Apparently it looks pretty ridiculous when I do this, (super cute when Big Sis does it) but it sure does get the kiddos to look, laugh, and try figure out what I am going to do next! 

I just love how much this family loves each other. Big sister is always looking out for her little sis and adorning her with sweet little kisses and look at their sweet smiles when they are with their mom and dad! Thank you for allowing me to capture this moment and all of the fun dancing with your adorable family! 



















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