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August 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

After a 28ish hour travel day we arrived at our new home in Korea. We spent the first day cleaning and getting situated in our living space and trying to sleep. Our second day we went out on the town! One of our good friends here took us on a tour of the city close by and a restaurant he enjoys.




Dinner for someone!


Our first stop was dinner at a place called Oven Baked Chicken. We thought this might be a good place to go with some potential food options for me. 


They brought out some pickles, crunchy snacks, and pickled beets (I think). I couldn't even bring myself to try a beet because of the way they smelled, but the pickles were good. I will have to become a little more brave over this next year! 

The boys started off with this amazing dish cheesiness with pumpkin hidden underneath. 

Then, our main dish came out! (Can you see the empty pumpkin cheesiness all gone in the background?) We had baked chicken with onions and tomatoes. 

After our dinner we walked over to the Lotte Mart, which is similar to a Walmart. There were five levels. The first level had the groceries, the second level was a Toys R Us and had a section for home appliances, the third level was clothing and outdoor equipment, the fourth level had a restaurant, a spa and was connected to the parking garage and we didn't venture up to the 5th level. We were tired, so we didn't stay long. We rode the escalator up to check out all of the floors and in the end only bought some bananas because I was overwhelmed. When our car arrives we will have to make another trip on a weekday when it's not so busy!



I'm excited for our next adventure when we aren't so tired. Until next time! 
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