The Streets of Itaewon l Korea Travel Photography

August 19, 2015  •  1 Comment

This past weekend we took a trip up to Itaewon, which is located in Seoul. We took a bus and then two subways to get to our destination. We stayed at a hotel in downtown Itaewon and it allowed us instant access to the number of coffeeshops, restaurants, and boutiques. It was very American like, except for the toilet. The toilet had a bade and lots of interesting buttons to press. Luckily they had English translations so I didn't get any unexpected surprises! We started our morning with a walk through the streets of Itaewon and stopped at a place called Coffeesmith for coffee. I think the main reason we stopped was because it had Smith in the title and anything with the name Smith has to be pretty awesome! For lunch we ate at Vatos Urban Tacos A friend, who also has to find gluten free places to eat, had recommended it and let me just say… it was AMAZING! 




Best Shampoo Ever!!! I don't know what is in this stuff, but my hair has been terrible since we've arrived and I had my first fabulous hair day after using these! Plus, I smelled extra great from all that Rosemary and Mint!

View from our window, Seoul Tower. We will have to visit here on another trip.


Whatever restaurant they are lined up for must be fabulous! Maybe we'll check it out on a future trip!








Hubby said that his iced caramel yumminess put Starbucks' to shame!






Pretty amazing place! I think we will be coming back here again!



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Barbara Koon(non-registered)
Hi Steph. I enjoy your travel and family pictures and your blog that goes along with them. Keep the pictures coming because I will never be traveling to Korea in this life.

Take care and God Bless you both.
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