Hi and welcome to Telltales Photography! I am so glad you stopped by! My name is Stephanie and I'm the one behind the camera! I am a lover of Jesus, can't get enough family and friend time, addicted to Tazo Tea, can always use a lazy rainy day (especially if there is a good thunderstorm involved), am learning to cook dairy/gluten/nut free and I think curling up with a good book can make any day fabulous. This here is my darling hubby who is my #1 fan, the one I get to dance through life with and who is constantly cheering me on to pursue my passion of photography!

Photography has been a love of mine ever since I was little. The first camera I owned was pink with Carebears all over it. (Remember that show?) I received it when I was in Second Grade and went around capturing all the important things in life… chalk drawings on the driveway, stuffed animals, headless family members! My photography skills have evolved since then, thankfully, but I still love taking pictures of the important things in life! I love people, I love children, and I love capturing those moments that are sometimes quickly forgotten like tiny toes, toothless smiles, twinkling eyes. Pictures are important, they tell a story, and I would love to capture some lasting memories for you and your family!